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Thanks to major improvements to laser technology, laser resurfacing has become an attractive cosmetic treatment option for improving your skin. Kim Facial Plastic Surgery in Atlanta is on the cutting edge of laser resurfacing technology and can work up a comprehensive rejuvenation plan for you.

How does it work? Laser resurfacing traumatizes the outer layer of skin, which promotes new skin growth, giving you a younger, fresher layer of surface skin. Laser procedures are sometimes combined with Obagi treatments to treat Acne scars, Sun damage, and Stretch marks.

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Fractionated CO2 laser treatments are used to reduce the appearance of deep facial wrinkles,melasma (spots of skin darkening) and acne scarring. In addition to areas of the face, Fraxel® lasers can be used to treat...


At Kim Facial surgery, we offer a variety of genuine Obagi® products to be used independently or with a combination of our laser procedures for an optimal youthful appearance. Prescription is required for some products.

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Initial scarring from injury or surgery can appear large and unsightly, but may diminish and become much less unnoticeable with time. No scar can be completely removed but can be made less obvious...


At Kim Facial Plastic Surgery we offer noninvasive products from the Obagi, Revision, and Defenage Skincare lines to speed up the process of exfoliation.

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