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Skin Rejuvenation
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The skin is a constantly rejuvenating organ. It maintains itself by shedding the outer, dead layers and replacing them with new, fresher ones from below. When we are young, the process of shedding skin is relatively quick, maintaining a youthful hue. As we age, we shed skin less rapidly, meaning that the skin on the surface of our face is older by the time it reaches the surface, and it stays on the surface longer. Our skin looks older because it is older, and is more subject to drying out, wrinkling, and sun damage as a result.

At Kim Facial Plastic Surgery we offer noninvasive products from the Obagi® , Revision®, and Defenage® Skincare lines to speed up the process of exfoliation. These products may complement a laser treatment, surgery, or used instead of surgery when the desired result is less dramatic. Dr. Kim will be happy to help you assess your individual situation and determine what is best for you.

Call us today to restore your youthful smoothness for a dramatic difference!

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