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Facelift QA

Dear Dr. Kun,

I am interested in a face lift, but I’m concerned about the cost and time away from work. Is there an alternative to a full face lift that can provide positive results? Do you have samples of before & after photos that I can see, because some of the options I’ve seen online, sound “too good to be true.” Though expense is a stumbling block for me, we’re talking about my face and I don’t want to be foolish in seeking a youthful look only to end up with an unbalanced or “freaky” looking mess.


Dear “Anonymous”

First off, your concerns are common, so though I sense your embarrassment by your anonymous inquiry, I assure you that you are not alone. We’ve completed countless procedures we call the “ONE HOUR MAGIC LIFT.” This modified procedure is popular, because it is done under local anesthesia in about an hour or less and it has minimal recovery–which means less time away from work, friends, and family. One of the biggest benefits of the ONE HOUR MAGIC LIFT is the expense–the ONE HOUR MAGIC LIFT is significantly lower in cost than a traditional face lift.

This procedure can be customized depending on your personal needs. For example, it can be a very small incision hidden and centered around the sideburns for early signs of aging or it can be more extensive for neck and severe jowl concerns.

You may have heard of similar procedures such as Quick Lift, Band Aid lift, S-Lift, Lifestyle Lift–The ONE HOUR MAGIC LIFT is my personal version of the modified face lift. I perform the procedure in my office under local anesthesia (light sedation can be given if desired).

This procedure takes care of 90% of the jowls and “turkey neck” associated with aging.

Depending on your situation, we can combine this face lift with other ancillary procedures for optimal results. One that I suggest is where we use your very own fat to volumize your face in key areas such as under eyes, temple or cheeks. The procedure has very positive results and lasts longer than injectable fillers. Other procedures such as blepharoplasties for upper or lower eyes can also be combined, along with skin rejuvenation laser procedures.

I’ve posted one before & after photo for your review, but check out my website on for a number of photos from different clients who continue to enjoy their ONE HOUR MAGIC LIFT results. If you are interested in a consultation, please give my office a call at (770) 458-4255 to schedule an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you and hope I’ve helped relieve some of your worries.

Best, Dr. Kun Kim


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