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Otoplasty (Ear Shaping)

Otoplasty (‘ear-pinning’) surgery to reshape/resize the ears is typically performed on children when ear cartilage is most pliable, but teenagers and adults may also benefit from the procedure.

Otoplasty does not alter hearing ability. The ear surgery is performed on the outside portion of the ears to provide better proportion of the ears to the size and shape of the face and head.


An incision is made behind the ear in the fold where it joins the head. In most cases, cartilage and skin is removed to achieve a symmetrical and natural effect and the ears are anchored to the head with sutures. In some cases, the cartilage will be trimmed and reshaped before pinning the ear and occasionally it is not necessary to remove cartilage, merely stitch the ears to the head.

Post-surgery Expectations

Patients will be provided with detailed instruction for post-operative care at the time of otoplasty surgery. Dressings are applied to the ears after surgery and are usually removed within a few days. Sleep may be disrupted during the recovery period due to the inability to put pressure on the ears while sleeping on one’s side. A headband may be recommended to hold the ears in the desired position for a few weeks after surgery.

**Insurance does not usually cover cosmetic surgery, although surgery to improve the ear may be considered reconstructive if due to birth defect or injury. Otoplasty may possibly be reimbursable by major medical insurance. It is the patient’s responsibility to seek approval from his/her insurance carrier.

Dr. Kim is committed to combining your goals and realistic expectations with his skilled expertise for a safe and positive outcome. For more information about otoplasty ear surgery or to schedule an appointment for a consultation, please call our office @ (770) 458-4255.