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Dr. Kim was friendly and answered all my questions


Great! I had several procedures done with great results. Dr. Kim was friendly and answered all my questions. His staff, especially Kris, was wonderful. When needed, I will return.

by sdbass1


The results are simply stunning




Amazing! I had several procedures done less than seven weeks ago. The results are simply stunning. Dr. Kim has the eye of an artist. I told him what I wanted – he told me what I needed, and I had the good sense to accept his judgment. The results are subtle but dramatic. Couldn’t be more pleased.

by Kaitlins Nana


Major concerns have been successfully addressed


I wish to express my personal appreciation for the manner in which you and your staff have handled the matter of my wife Patricia’s follow-up surgery. You may recall that the original procedure was done by you while you were on the medical staff of a different firm; the procedure did not turn out quite satisfactorily, and you graciously agreed to do the follow-up at your Doraville offices. While it is too soon after the second procedure to accurately ascertain the outcome, it does appear that the major concerns have been successfully addressed. My impetus for writing this letter, however, is not so much because of the follow-up as it is for your kind and concerned treatment of my wife-concern which was echoes by your very caring and efficient assistant.

by Kris


5+ STARS!!!


5+ STARS!!! Do they have a way to put 6 stars??  Dr. Kim performed my surgery last year. The entire experience from pre-op to post-op care was top notch and the results have just amazed me! His staff is extremely helpful and friendly to the point of actually making you feel like family. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Kim to anyone looking for help staying “young”. One HappyCustomer.

by Anonymous


Delightfully satisfied and happy with the outcome of my surgery


I had facial surgery done by Dr. Kim about a year and a half ago but never was able to return for post op visits etc. other than to have initial stitches removed. I was in a transition stage at the time and relocated to the Atlanta, Smyrna area. I just want to let Dr. Kim how delightfully satisfied and happy I am with the outcome of my surgery. I would like to send some recent photo taken over the past l8 months so if you could please let me know how I can send them via email…!

by Anonymous


Excellence!! I have had a Lifestyle Lift


More than Plastic Surgery!!! I am thrilled with my procedures and have without reservation recommended Dr. Kim to all of my friends with the same results. Excellence!! I have had the Lifestyle Lift, Upper Bleph and Fat Injections. Dr Kim also specializes in Head and Neck Cancers and offers solution for Hemifacial Spasm Sufferers. Very professional and his staff are not only beautiful but very accommodating and sincerely kind.

by dharden


Dr. Kim is very professional


A doctor who listens and a caring staff. After much consideration, I decided to have restylane injections. I chose Dr Kim because of his favorable reviews and location. I am so glad I did. Dr. Kim is very professional, really listened to what I said, and suggested a plan that works for me. I am very pleased with the results, and the staff were very kind and professional.

by Anonymous


I referred my family and friends to him


I’ve been looking around for a surgeon for quite some time now. I am so impressed by Dr. Kim’s staff and especially Dr. Kim for being so cordial and informative. I had a few procedures done by him, and every step of the way everyone was so empathetic and professional. I referred my family and friends to him, and I would definitely return to him in the future.

by Anonymous


It was very much appreciated


Total Professionalism

Dr. Kim and his staff bent over backwards to help me in a challenging situation. They were kind and patient, and it was very much appreciated. Highly recommended.


by taxlawyer


Dr. Kim was great and i can already see how they gonna look


Came in for the dimple creation procedure on March 29th and it went so fast that i didnt have tine to be nervous!!! Dr Kim was great and i can already see how they are gonna look. Even on the 2nd day i have gotten compliments from family and friends. I'm sure i will be happy once the healing process is complete. Thanks again Dr Kim!!!!.

by Felicia


When you’re ready to take the next step, simply phone our office at (770) 458-4255 or email us via the Contact page and we’ll be happy to schedule your private consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Kim at our state-of-the-art aesthetic & surgery center in Doraville Georgia. Thank you for your virtual visit and we look forward to meeting you in person.

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