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Atlanta Dimple Creation

Dimples are one of those rare traits that often get envied by people who weren’t born with them. A smile with dimples seems to many just that much more special. Until recently, if you weren’t born with this inherited trait, there was nothing that could be done short of sticking your fingers in your check when you smiled, but today there is Atlanta Dimple Creation. Dr. Kim at Kim Facial Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, Georgia creates dimples under local anesthesia in an area of the check mutually decided upon. The procedure takes less than an hour and is done by an incision that is made on the

inside of the cheek using an absorbable suture that when tied closed creates the dimple. Following the procedure swelling is to be expected and a liquid diet is advised while you heal.

If you’ve always wanted dimples but never thought it was possible, consider your options by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Kim today! View our before and after photos of patients who’ve undergone Atlanta Dimple Creation – see how beautifully they smile!


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