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Injectable Fillers Questions

What are injectable fillers?
Fillers are natural or man-made materials that are injected under your skin to increase volume and smooth out wrinkles.


Natural fillers include:
   Autologous fat (fat removed from other areas of you own body)

Man made fillers include:
   Radiesse® injectable calcium hydro-xylapatite-based filler

   Restylane® injectable hyaluronic acid based filler

   Juvederm® injectable hyaluronic acid based filler

Which injectable filler will work best for me?
Many of the fillers can be used in the same areas to treat the same conditions, but some may be more effective than others are. Autologous fat injectable fillers are more quickly reabsorbed by the body than many of the synthetic products.

Are there complications with fillers?
As with all cosmetic procedures, there may be certain complications. Typically, there will be some pain and swelling at the injection site, which only persists for a couple of days.

Synthetic fillers do not require skin testing and treatment can begin right away in most cases. Redness, swelling, and minor pain are usually controlled with over the counter pain medications.

How are fillers used?
Injectable fillers can be used to smooth away wrinkles around the nose, eyes, mouth, and other areas where wrinkles appear. They are also used to increase the volume of your lips, giving your lips a fuller, healthier appearance. Any of these types of filler are often used in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures such as a facelift.

How long do fillers usually last?
Collagen and autologous fat are relatively quickly reabsorbed by the body and may only last from three to six months. Synthetic based fillers typically last much longer, even up to a year or two. All fillers may need to be recharged from time to time to maintain your new fuller, wrinkle free appearance.

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