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Erbium Resurfacing
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Erbium resurfacing is a type of laser procedure that uses light technology to resurface the skin for a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance. This procedure stimulates the skins own natural healing processes to produce new collagen in the deeper layers of the skin. After several sessions, Erbium skin resurfacing is highly effective in the improvements of fine wrinkles, color irregularities, texture, and overall skin quality in sun-damaged and aging skin. In addition, it is an effective way of removingacne scars. Different settings can be used to achieve different level of results according to each one’s needs


The Erbium Laser light is absorbed by the water in your skin cells. The absorption in turn causes the instantaneous vaporization of the cell. As the laser light is passed over the skin, a mere 30 millionths of an inch of tissue is removed at a time. This incredible control allows treatment only as deeply as needed, from removing wrinkles to refreshing your overall skin appearance. After the damaged skin is removed, new skin quickly re-grows in its place.

Patients treated with an Erbium Laser feel only mild discomfort during treatment and usually require only a topical/local anesthesia or none at all. Erbium patients also enjoy the tremendous benefits of healing within only a matter of days to a few weeks, instead of months. Dr. Kim may prescribe a combination of Erbium treatments with Obagi rejuvenation skin care set to provide a synergistic optimal result.

How Many Treatments are Needed?

Typically, the procedure is repeated 3 times, spaced 3-4 weeks apart, more treatments may be done as needed.

Post Treatment

Everyone heals at various rates depending on the depth of treatment, the particular areas treated, and your own healing rate. Some redness may occur right after the procedure, which typically fades in about 48 hours. Noticeable results are typically seen in a few days, with complete healing in only a few weeks. Light resurfacing around the eyes and lips in general takes only a few days. A deep full facial resurfacing may take longer before you feel aesthetically comfortable to return to your normal activities. Camouflage makeup can conceal the redness until the healing is complete.

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