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Autologous Fat Injections

The term autologous refers to the use of your own fatty tissue. An autologous fat injection takes fat from one area of the body and injects it into another area. The purpose of injectable fillers is to plump up the face where aging has started to create wrinkles or sagging. The biggest advantage is that you will have no allergic reaction to the injections. Since it’s your own fatty tissue, your body will recognize it and not reject it as a foreign body.

Results are immediately visible. Unlike artificial fillers that last up to one year, fat injection results may last up to a few years and could even be permanent. The best way to ensure that you have an easy recovery and excellent results is to choose an excellent and experienced cosmetic surgeon to do this procedure for you.

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Fat transfer is performed in 3 steps

Extraction – With gentle liposuction and a special cannula, so as not to damage the cells, fat is removed from an area where you have excess fat. The most common extraction sites are the jowls, upper arms, abdomen, thighs, or buttocks.

Centrifugation – The fat cells are isolated from other cells such as lymph fluid, by spinning them at a high speed in a centrifuge. They are cleansed and any damaged cells are removed.

Re-injection – A separate syringe is used to re-inject the fat to the targeted area(s) such as the cheeks, under the eyes, nasolabial folds, lips, forehead, hands, buttocks and breasts. The fat is injected at specific depths and volume to achieve the desired results.

This procedure is performed in our state-of-the art office suite under local anesthesia with twilight sedation.

Post Treatment
Swelling and bruising at the donor and treatment site are common for a few days up to a few weeks. Pain is very minimal afterwards; if any discomfort is experienced, patients may take Tylenol or acetaminophen to alleviate any pain.

At Kim Facial Surgery, Dr. Kim is committed to combining your goals and realistic expectations with his skilled expertise for a safe and positive outcome. For more information about fat injection procedures or to schedule an appointment for a consultation, please call our office @ (770) 458-4255.

See Photo Gallery for before and after pictures of Autologous Fat Injection.

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