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Scars - Brow Lift Options Atlanta

When considering your brow lift options, it’s important to understand the scars each procedure may leave behind. Scars are created by incisions. For this reason, during cosmetic surgery consultations, plastic surgeons should always discuss your options regarding the incision size and location, along with the number of proposed incisions. The goal is to make as few incisions as possible, to make them as small as possible, and to create them in inconspicuous locations. Good choices for incision sites are usually those occurring on a natural border and those hidden by hair, a shadow, or a curve.

When you’re getting a brow lift, you have three options: coronal, subcutaneous (or hairline), and endoscopic. One of the main differences between these methods is the incision.

The most conspicuous brow lift scars are those created by subcutaneous lifts. In this procedure, the surgeon creates one long incision that starts at one ear, stretches across the scalp right in front of the hairline, and ends at the other ear. It’s on the border between skin and hair, so it can still be somewhat inconspicuous.

A coronal forehead lift incision also starts at one ear and ends at the other. However, this cut is located above the hairline, across the scalp. The scar is on the scalp, so it is hidden by hair.

If you have thinning hair or less hair, it can be more difficult to hide scars on the scalp. In these situations, the best choice is an endoscopic brow lift. In this procedure, the surgeon uses a small, precise medical tool called an endoscope, which allows for greater accuracy. He or she creates anywhere between four and six small cuts (less than an inch for each) above the hairline, on the scalp. The resulting scars are less visible, because they are much smaller than those left by the other methods. These smaller cuts also heal faster than larger ones.

Happily, when you practice proper care, scars can lighten and fade, making it even easier for people to appreciate your beautiful, stress-line-free forehead. If you want to achieve a perfect forehead, contact our office and set up a consultation today. Atlanta’s Dr. Kun Kim is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon with a track record that speaks for itself.


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