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Plumping Lips - A Patient's Blog

I used to have pretty nice lips when I was young. They weren't like Angelina Jolie's but still could pucker a pout any day. Gloss was all I needed to make my lips stand out in my twenties. Then my thirties came and I needed to wear some lipstick. Forties came and I needed a combination of lip liner and lip stick. Fifties came and drawing my lips everyday became a tiresome chore. It got to a point that I wanted to do something permanent.

I had a few options to consider. Lip implants, which may be too invasive. Plus, will I be able to feel a kiss afterwards? Lip tattooing, another option, but then I saw too many women with botched tattoos, making them look like Cruella Deville from 101 Dalmations. Then someone told me about lip injections.

I decided to visit Dr. Kun Kim at Kim Facial Plastic Surgery, who is known for his mastery on injectables. He informed me that Restylane or Boletero are common fillers for the lips. And usually a syringe can fill some other areas of the face in addition to the lips. The other great part of using an injectable is that it can be erased with a dissolving solution if you don't like the shape (still have to pay though).

The procedure was very quick, about 5 minutes. The pain of the needle sticking into my lips was prickly and a little uncomfortable, but bearable. And BOOM! I got thick lips! Dr. Kim said my lips would be swollen a little for a day or two...I didn't mind. I had really full lips for a day then, as expected, the swelling went down to a more normal shape. I absolutely loved my results! It was like having my twenties lips again. Full, less shriveled, and ready to go with just lip gloss. I am definitely hooked!

The only downside to injectables is that it needs to be repeated every year. Still, it's the best option for me...until I get my courage to do something REAL permanent like lip implants. Oh, and kissing with injected lips feels just as good as always.

If you are interested in getting your lips fuller with injectables, contact Dr. Kun Kim at 770-458-4255. Visit for before and after photos.


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